Human Existence.....The deceit

There are things that you assume without thinking. Our perceptions are not always a reflection of the reality.

We form perception about people that they will be like this and will talk about like this but when you actually interact with them you might find them worse or better.

You should try to interact with as many people as possible for you. You will see different thoughts different patterns appearing. These will be only assumptions to you until you actually go out and interact with them.

I like meeting new people and talking to total strangers. It is awesome how you can discover so many things about them through their opinion about certain things.

Qualitative research has really made me understand various aspects of human behavior better.

Every person is a collection of thoughts and emotions. All these thoughts are beautiful creation of mind. The society labels them as good thoughts or a bad thought.

A person exists in two frames, one is the physical self and other is the mental self that is made up of his thoughts and emotions. We always think of the physical self and not the second level.

Many people will argue and say that there is a spiritual level as well and will associate it with god. But the idea of spirituality and god exist exists in human mind and thoughts.

There were many recent events that made me think about what other people see in me. And the idea was very disturbing. That undermines everything that I stand for or who I am. But again that is how they have been thinking since ages and society had altered their minds to limit themselves in only few aspect of human existence.

Its a pity that mankind can not enjoy the blissful existence.

Burning Questions

In my recent wondering there are few questions that are swerling in my mind.

1. Who gave the Gods right to rule us?

2. Are we not capable of surviving without the over hands of the gods.?

3. What actually happened in the ancient times that these rules were made and we are forced into following it?

4. What is actually the true history of earth and universe. Well univerese will have to wait till physics takes a giant leap, but what is the true history of the mankind. why are we so afraid of certain things? Why is that incessant shame in doing what we want to to established in our minds since the begining?

5. Why man is salve and not free?

The Delight of Life

The delights in life come from the unexpected source

The light of the life comes from diffrent source

The universe wants you to be happy and joyous

To live life according to your terms

There is serinity in the chaos

There is peace in the wars

There is noise in the silence

There is tears in joy

There is laughter in the cry

Its just the matter of your opinion and will power and the world will be the way you always like

Justbcozz you are filled with incredible energy

A Dream

Ever saw a dream that churns you from within

The dream that you want in manifested in reality

The dream that makes you smile and cry at the same time

The dream that defines you

The dream that shapes you

The dream that unites you

When you find it life is worth living or else it is just run on the mill routine


Splash Of LiFe

Away from the maddening crowd and the splash of water

Life tosses and truns to sprinkle some colours

Holding on to the bright orange yellow lets see the sunshine

Splashng blue waves and the wevy sky

Spreading greenous joy crept in romantic red

Spreading its wealthy wings enjoy the ride of life !!!

Time to let go

Its so much easier when you know that the existence is ment for only one person anyhting that exixt out side your body is not yours and we should always be prepared to let it go at any moment in time.

There are times when we feel entangled with the worldly ways and things, but in the end you have to know that its you who matters the most to you and no one can ever own you.

There is nothing in life that you can think as worth changing.

Your life is your life know it while you have it as after you are gone no matter what you did and how you lived it does not matter to you. People run after fame and name in the hope that it will last forever but why run and built a castle if you cant live in it.

Enjoy and Let go

Man: The most intelligent salve species in the world.

We are the salve of our parents, customs, religion, government, ethics, moral, country, needs, money and everything around us.

Those to proudly profess that we live in a free country and free nation and advanced & developed world forget that we are just an advanced salve
We can not do anything as per our own will because we are salves and people who dare to do are eliminated from the so called society.
We are just a chained multicelluar being that is afraid and scared to be what it is.
How does it matters to anyone in the universe if we are alive or dead. All of us are just tools to make others happy in the world and they are the tools to make someone else happy ...the chain goies on.
We try and try and try to do things but we end up in the vomit of our own supressed desires to do something that has rotten now...iits pity how humanity has fallen in disgrance while we still claim to be free.

When will we wake up and realize this fact?

Know Where You Belong

Have you realized that in life there are many ways and many passes?
But there is only one way that satisfies and addresses your soul.
I am not talking about spiritual thing here. What we consider spiritual is very different.
There are thousands of people who are searching and are in the hope of one day fining some or the other purpose of life but
It is not what they think that they were born to do
Our societies very conveniently never let us even think what we are born to do or search for our passion
It is the embargo and baggage of the society that every individual lives and fashions his life.
We never even stop at any point of time and think is it worth it.
Is this what I am?
If you look at your life till now you will realize that it is absolutely nothing.
Just being a tool to make the life of other human being better. Yes that’s what you are.
But all this can be changed by simple thinking. Is what i am doing worth my life? If the answer is no then it is because
You are just a tool. It might satisfy your mind because that is what society has trained you to think and do: BE A TOOL.
If you can shake yourself away from the humanly created rules to keep you down you will see that there is something that calls your soul. That is what you are. Dont Be a tool.
There is only one way and you will come to that only if you are awake.